Digital Photography Workshops


Whilst staying at Acorn Lodge why not take advantage of a photography workshop and enhance your Digital camera, Wildlife, Landscape or Post-Processing skills with my husband Robin who runs the following daily courses: -


Wild Birds of Dartmoor photography workshop               £100.00

Dartmoor Landscape photography workshop                   £100.00

Digital Camera workshop                                                        £100.00

Redwing and Fieldfare workshop                                          £100.00

Dipper workshop                                                                        £100.00

Dartmoor Ponies workshop                                                    £100.00

Red Deer Rut on Exmoor workshop                                      £100.00

Post Processing workshop                                                        £85.00


Wild Bird, Dartmoor Ponies, Red Deer and Landscape Workshops


These consists of tuition on your Camera Settings, Auto-focus modes, ISO, Exposure modes, Metering, File types, Depth of field, White balance, Histogram etc.


How to use natural light including front, side and backlight to achieve the image you want.

Learning where wildlife and landscape locations can be found and reconnoitring the area.

Types of hide, Camouflage, Field craft skills and where to use them. (Wildlife workshop)

Types of filters you could use to enhance your landscape photography. (Landscape workshop)

Taking the image, Focus, Exposure compensation, Composition, Background etc.

At the beginning of the course you will receive some digital photography course notes.

All workshops can be adjusted and tailor-made to suit your individual needs.


Digital Camera Workshop


This consists of tuition on helping you understand the many menus on your camera.


How to use your camera's Exposure Modes including Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority & Manual.

ISO - The good & bad points about high & low ISO.

The Exposure Triangle F-stop (Aperture), Shutter speed & ISO.

Use the different Metering Types, using Over/Under Exposure to create the image you want & using Exposure compensation.

Understand the histogram and using it to get the correct exposure.

Using the different Focusing methods including One shot, Continuous and Manual.

Using different Colour Space's including sRGB & Adobe (1998) RGB.

When you should use the different File types including RAW, TIFF & Jpg.

Setting the White Balance and using different Settings & Auto to achieve different effects.

Think about your Composition and using the Rule of Thirds.

Your new skills will be tested throughout the day. This way they start to become embedded in your memory so will be easy to use and remember. 

This course is perfect for photographers of all levels, whether you have a digital camera like a DSLR, Bridge or Mirrorless with no previous knowledge or some understanding of digital photography this course will enhance your proficiency.


Post Processing Workshop


This consists of tuition on why you should shoot in RAW.


We will discuss using different file formats for Post Processing of an image, also:-

Using Adobe Lightroom

Show you how to download your images into Adobe Lightroom.

Discuss and show how to use Adobe Lightroom as your ever growing image library within the Library module.

Selecting an image and process it within the non-destructive Develop module.

This will be done by going through:-

White balance, Temperature, Tint, The Crop Tool, Straighten Tool, Spot Removal, Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation, Tone curve, Hue / Saturation / Luminance on a single colour, Pre-sharpening, Lens Distortions, Removing Colour Fringing and Chromatic Aberrations, Vignetting, Saving and Exporting the image to Adobe Photoshop.

Using Adobe Photoshop

Finishing and polishing off the image. This will be done by going through:-

Opening the image in Adobe Photoshop, Discuss and show the benefits of using Layers, Discuss and show the benefits of using masks, Cloning Tool, Patch and Healing Tools, Dodge & Burn, Noise Reduction, Sharpening techniques and Discuss Saving options and resizing the image for different media.

For more information please go to or ask me for details and availability during your stay.

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